welcome to the blog!


My name is Indie and this is my Animal Crossing: New Horizons blog. I’ve been playing the series since Wild World, and you can consider me completely obsessed with all the games.

Welcome to the tropical port city of Yonder! This metropolitan island, full of vibrant characters and colourful scenery, will enchant you and make you never want to leave. Stop by the sushi restaurant and don’t forget to visit the island’s famous lighthouse!

Lose yourself and step into the ethereal forests of Nowhere, where nothing is quite as it seems. This enchanted zen isle is almost too perfect to be true- stay awhile and wander through the wildflower meadows or visit the island’s shrine.

Make your dreams come true and visit the fairytale paradise of Faraway. If pastel colours and friendly villagers are your favourite things, then you’ll fit right in! Visit the bakery or swing by the florist and see why Faraway is the place of your dreams!