New Horizons

From amiibo compatibility to no Cloud backup, here’s everything we know so far about Animal Crossing: New Horizons so you can stay up to date with the hype.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the latest mainline game in the beloved series, and will give the player the opportunity to develop a deserted island. This is drastically different to all previous games in the series, and is one of a number of highly anticipated new features.

AC:NH has been confirmed to arrive on March 20th, 2020.


Everything We Know So Far

  • There can only be one island per Nintendo Switch console
  • There can be 4 players playing on a local connection and 8 players with online connection
  • New Horizons will not be compatible with Cloud backup to avoid players ‘manipulating time’. Whether that means time travel will be eliminated too still remains to be seen
  • There are no plans to have split-screen multiplayer
  • Voice chat will be available through Nintendo Switch Online
  • Nintendo pays close attention to fans’ feedback
  • Nook Miles will be able to be exchanged for new items to collect
  • New Horizons is planned to be compatible with both amiibo cards and figures, but no more details can be released at this stage
  • You’ll be able to hear K.K slider perform every Saturday
  • There will be new ways to listen to K.K. Slider’s music, including over the radio (even if the radio is placed outside)
  • Decorations will be able to be placed both inside and outside
  • In-game seasons will depend on the hemisphere the player lives in
  • Nook Miles will provide rewards for the player when certain tasks or requirements are completed
  • You start the game with two animal neighbors, they will check with you before placing their homes to make sure the location is okay
  • Those two original neighbours can’t be forced out, however they can choose to move out on their own
  • New recipes for crafting can be given to you by your animal neighbours
  • Tom Nook, Timmy and Tommy will be available on the island from the start of the game
  • An autosave feature will be in place
  • As a result of autosave, Resetti has lost his job. However he might make a return in another role as the player progresses in the game
  • Tom Nook’s provides Resident Services on the island
  • Your animal neighbours are also in debt to Tom Nook
  • No new personality types
  • All hair, skin colours and facial features will be available from the start and will not be restricted by gender
  • Pocket Camp and New Horizons won’t be directly connected, but there may be collaborations between the two
  • Isabelle will make a return providing the player progresses to advance the island enough
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