My Animal Crossing Switch Wishlist

So I’m desperately hoping that in January we’ll get a Nintendo Direct with some more information about the new game, but until then I thought I’d share with you my wishlist for Animal Crossing 2019 with all the features I hope they’ll include!

Some of them are realistic, some are a bit more of a stretch but a girl can dream! With that being said, let’s start the list!

1) Reptile villagers!

Lil’ cute snakes and lizards for your town. I’d be in love. I think this is a valid thing to ask for- new villagers are added with every new game, so why not include some more animals we haven’t seen before? Plus I’m a mother to 2 lizards and 5 snakes in real life, so I desperately want to have them in my town. It’s a totally selfish wish for the new game, but you know what? It could happen!

2) To be able to place PWP’s and town decor more accurately!

Also if we were able to turn and rotate them and stuff, that would be wonderful. I often found with the bench PWP’s in New Leaf that I didn’t want them to be facing the camera all the time, I’d love to have the option to turn objects outside just like we can do with the objects within our own houses.

3) More flowers! (and more flower colours please)

There’s plenty of new flower breeds and colours added in Pocket Camp, I really hope they make it over to the new game. I adore town design, in fact it’s probably my favourite aspect of the game! More flowers and more colours would just add additional variety when you’re customising your town. I love the poinsettias that have just been in the Jingle event in Pocket Camp, they would look fabulous in a winter/Christmas themed town. I also don’t think this is too unrealistic to ask- they’ve already designed the flowers and included them in Pocket Camp, so what’s to say they won’t take those designs and put them in the new game?

The Poinsettias from the recent Pocket Camp event! Source: Animal Crossing World


4) More town design and PWP themes using the Amenities styles from Pocket Camp!

Whereas in New Leaf we only had 3 themes to customise our town with: Fairytale, Modern and Zen, in Pocket Camp they’ve really gone above and beyond to create loads of new styles. Within just a year, they’ve introduced the Harmonious, Cute, Natural, Rustic, Sporty, Cool, Civic, Elegant, Modern and Hip amenity styles. Although it can be argued that the Cute, Harmonious and Civic/Modern styles are similar to the three themes from New Leaf, I really think that some if not all of these new styles will make it over to the new game. Imagine how cool a hip-themed town would be!

5) The house customisation system from HHD!

So this one I think will definitely be included. The decorating system from Happy Home Designer went down so well, I would put my life savings on the fact that it will make it over to the next game. Speaking of HHD, I want all the new furniture they introduced to be included too! I also loved the ability to be able to design buildings like shops and cafe’s. Although I doubt we’ll be able to do that in the new game, I would love for towns to have more public buildings that would be unlocked as the game progresses.


I love bushes. I put them everywhere. I just want more variety and more colours, please! On that note, maybe more other plants like bamboo?

7) A larger town.

My true love of animal crossing is landscaping towns. If towns were bigger, it would mean more room for amenities and just more STUFF. YES. GIMME. I actually think this may happen, as towns on the GameCube were bigger with 30 acres, which shrunk to 20 in New Leaf. So it would make sense that the new game -also on a home console- would have bigger towns with more acres.

8) More than 10 villagers.

If the town is bigger, gimme more virtual friends to live in it! Ideally I’d like 15 villagers,  like how it was on the GameCube.

8) More space in your pockets!

Or at least a separate storage area for tools so they don’t take up a third of your pocket space. This would definitely be so handy. Nintendo please take note!

9) Definitely more things to do with your friends when they come over. 

More mini games and stuff to do together would be great! I did like the island, but having played the game for so many years even that got stale after a while.

10) I’d love to see more shops, or different kinds of businesses.

Being able to build the cafe in your town and then work there was such a cool addition- I want more. MORE. However….. I also love the fact that the part time job at the cafe never took away from your duties as Mayor. Animal Crossing should always be relaxing, so if there are more jobs they should be in moderation to keep the slow-paced vibe of the game.

11) On that note as well maybe being able to visit places like the City we got to visit on the Wii? 

Except fleshed out a lot more so that it really did change every time you went. It could have even more stuff to do with your friends when they came over. I don’t know, it’s just a thought.

12) Different kinds of terrain.

Now, I know Nintendo will never stray too far from the original town idea that it’s stuck with all these years, but I’d love it if you could choose for some towns to be colder and some to be more tropical or arid, and they could have different kinds of bugs and fish, so the only way for you to be able to complete the museum would be to visit different towns and catch them all. This is probably my most unrealistic thing I’ve asked for so I’m not getting my hopes up, I just think this is quite a cool concept!


I have too many animal crossing amiibo cards and figures to let them go to waste!

14) Better character customisation

So this one is practically a given considering that it was introduced in Happy Home Designer, but let us be able to better choose our appearances, most notably the skin colour! This would make a big difference to players so I really hope they decide to include this in the new game.

And that’s everything on my wishlist! I definitely don’t think we’ll get it all, but I
really hope Nintendo will include some new features in the game like the ones I’ve included here. What’s on your Animal Crossing 2019 wishlist? Let me know in the comments below!

Indie xoxo

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A Winter Tour of Peachtea


Now that the snow has settled, I thought it would be a wonderful time to do an introductory tour of Peachtea for this blog. Peachtea is my oldest town, having been established sometime in the summer of 2015, and it has been my labour of love ever since.

Peachtea is my pride and joy!

I’ve updated the dream address, too, so if you want to visit you can! The new DA is: 7500-0115-3D20, so please let me know in the comments if you visit! You can also send me pictures of your visit through any of my social medias (links at the bottom of my post), I’d love to see your Mayor exploring my town!

Outside my house!

So to begin the tour, I thought I’d show you a few of my favourite places in town. I worked hard for a good two years to finish my town, and one of the bits of landscaping that I love the most is the area around my house, which includes the bell Public Works Project that fits in so well with the pink and white colours of the wildflowers.

One of my favourite spots in town!

The path South of the bell leads you to the residential area of Peachtea, where all my villagers live. It took hours and hours of laborious plot resetting to get the houses in a row like that!


As you wander East through town, you’ll soon meet a long path to the campsite bordered all along by square topiary.

I think it’s so cute the way the tent turns to an igloo in Winter. It’s all the little details in the game which makes me fall in love with it more every time I play!

Next, we head up to the windmill in the North of the town, passing by more carefully landscaped gardens dusted with fresh snow.

A wonderful place to take in the views


Here’s another of my favourite places in town- the fairytale bench makes a perfect spot to sit and watch the day go by.


If you have time, stop and have a picnic overlooking the beach! I love this pastel picnic rug, it’s the perfect addition to my pink town.

That’s a big tree!

And last but not least is the magnificent town tree. It’s still beautiful, even without it’s leaves. I dread to think how many hours I’ve put into building this town…. but there’s definitely a good reason why I’ve got the largest town tree possible!

New Dream Address!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tour of Peachtea! If you do visit, please let me know as I’d love to hear what you think. Next time, I’ll do a tour of Mayor Leylandi’s completed pink-themed mansion, so stay tuned for that!

Indie xoxo

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I taught myself to make Pocket Camp gifs…

…and I’m now making gifs of everything. For now, have these ones of Freya and Sprinkle enjoying my winter themed camp!

Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt #6

This will be just a quick lil’ Pocket Camp update, but today marks the start of another Gyroidite hunt, and this time all the Gyroidites are Toy Day themed! The aim is to collect as many Gyroidites as possible, which you can then trade in for Toy Day themed clothing.

Are you ready to get crafting?

Most of the limited-edition clothing can be crafted with Gyroidites, however some items like the Reindeer hat and the Red Nose must be crafted using leaf tickets.

There’s also a set of new Gyroidite goals for us to complete, and we have 9 days left to complete them all, with the end date being December 21st at 5.59am.

There’s plenty of new goals to keep you busy

As usual, the Gyroidites can be found on the ground and in trees throughout the different Pocket Camp areas.

I know I’m going to have fun collecting and crafting all the new clothes, and I’ll update you all later with how I get on!

Indie xoxo

Snow in Spires

Mayor Indie’s house with a dusting of snow

Today was the first day of the year when the snow began to stick to the ground! Spires looked magical covered in a dusting of snow, and I had so much fun walking around town, re-exploring the familiar paths which now looked so different in the snow.

Mayor Indie has also had a festive makeover with new red hair! She’s sticking with her yellow raincoat for now, but I might have to look into making some knit jumper QR codes for her.

My favourite spot in town!

It didn’t take me long to find both snowballs which were hidden throughout town. Today I managed to not accidentally destroy either of them, which was a first for me! I usually manage to roll at least one of them into a pond or river by accident!

I’ve never been very good at making perfectly proportioned snowmen, but this time I managed to make a perfect snowman on my first try!


I’m looking forward to playing Snowman Bingo throughout these snowy months, as I’ve never really played it in New Leaf before! (Shocking, I know, considering the amount of years I’ve been playing this game).

Snowman Bingo!

The town tree looked so bare without all its leaves! It’ll take me a while to get used to it, I think. Indie looked so serene just sitting there by the tree, and it made me marvel again just how wonderful the graphics are in this game.

The town tree has lost its leaves

I absolutely love winter, so it was really amazing to see my newest town covered in snow. I must have spent nearly an hour just walking round town taking in the views and visiting my favourite spots to take some festive photos!

Everywhere looks so pretty in the snow!

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing Spires covered in snow! I’m looking forward to sharing the whole festive season with you all on my blog, so stay tuned for more snow-covered Spires!

Indie xoxo

It’s Christmas Time at the Campsite

It’s currently ten days into December and I finally decided it was time to give my campsite the update it deserved.


Christmas is my favourite time of year, so it was wonderful to be able to decorate my camp to look as festive as possible. I went with two different themes- on the left side of my camp is a winter sports area, with ice skating rinks and a snowboarding arena!

Sprinkle is a skating champ!

I absolutely adore the little skating animation the campers do on the ice rink. Sprinkle has made the sweetest addition to my campsite, and I really want her in one of my Animal Crossing towns in the future! Just look at her go on that ice rink…. she’s an ice skating queen!

I can’t wait until the snow starts to settled on the ground again, it will make for some amazing winter photographs from the camp!

Stitches enjoying a hot cup of coffee by the fire

So moving on, the right side of camp is a cosy living area featuring a lovely Christmassy log fire and lots of tartan. All of the furniture in my winter campsite was won in last year’s Christmas events, and I’m hoping that as December goes on, I’ll be able to add to my decor with even more items from this year’s events too.

Even Camp Manager India is looking festive!

So that’s it! I hope you liked my Christmas campsite, and if you want to add me, my ID is 2337 9888 368. See you soon for more wintery adventures in Pocket Camp!

Indie xoxo

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Add me on Pocket Camp!

Soooooo I finally got back on Pocket Camp, and don’t get me wrong, I still love it. But oh lord it’s gotten a lot more purchase-oriented than it was back in February when I stopped playing. My ID is: 2337 9888 368!

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A Meteor Shower in Spires

I was looking through my memory card today, and I found some photos of the last meteor shower that passed through Spires.


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Check out this amazing fanart!

The amazing creator @brewsters-art-cafe on tumblr did this incredible piece of artwork for me for coming 2nd place in her autumnal giveaway! It’s myself in animal crossing form hanging out with Coco, my all-time favourite villager.

Do you love it as much as I do?

Indie xoxo



So this is just a little introduction about me to say welcome to my WordPress blog! My name is Indie, I’m 22 and I’ve been playing Animal Crossing since 2006- I can’t believe I’ve been addicted to this franchise for 12 whole years!!

I’ve recently gotten back into playing New Leaf after a bit of a hiatus, and with the announcement of a new mainline game arriving in 2019, I thought this would be a perfect chance to start up this blog and get back into playing before the new game drops.

I’ll be posting content from my 3 New Leaf towns, as well as my Wild World town in the near future so keep your eyes peeled for that! I can’t wait to take you on my animal crossing journey as we get ready for the new game.

Bring on 2019!

xoxo, Indie