January’s Harmonious Themed Campsite

With Tortimer’s Floral Fancy event finished and January well underway, I thought it was about time I showed you my harmonious themed Campsite, as well as my zen camper and my cabin, too.

I really love the zen theme in Animal Crossing- in fact I have a whole zen town, Yokohama, that I’ve yet to share on this blog as it’s not quite finished yet! I really wanted to go all out with the harmonious theme and really make my Campsite extra special to chase those January blues away.

An overview of my campsite showing off the new zen layout!

The campsite has two amenities- a level 5 Redd’s Shrine, and a level 5 Harmonious Fountain. As well as these, I have the bamboo middle ground and the autumnal plank decking.

I also decided to divide the camp into two sides- the left is a cozy Japanese-styled living area featuring wall dividers, cushions and the katana displays from Tortimer’s event, a bench from Gladys’ camellia cookie and a kotatsu I’d already crafted.

On the right side of the camp is a lovely zen-style water garden. I was very lucky to get the arched bridge from the cookie, and I think it goes perfectly with the red colours of the shrine in the background.

The ground floor of my camper

Moving on to my camper van, the ground floor is another zen living area featuring a pink kokatsu that I’d crafted previously, as well as the golden cushions from the event and some more exotic themed furniture. I think the goldfish bowl in the background just finishes off the whole look of the room!

What should I name the pet bird?
I really love this globe!

I was a bit stuck at first as to how I should decorate the upstairs of my camper, but I went with more of an explorer theme than just a zen one. Lots of books scatter the room and a classic bed and clock really give the room that cozy feel.


Last but not least is my cabin! I went a little bit over the top here trying to fit as much harmonious themed furniture in here as possible to create the look of a tea room. I think I succeeded! I love how the paper lanterns look-I think they’re one of my favourite pieces of furniture in the whole game.

Want to add me on Pocket Camp? My ID is 2337 9888 368.

What do you think? Please let me know in the comments below! How do you have your Campsite styled for January?

Indie xoxo

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Week #1 drawing: ‘Happy New Year!’

January is here and that means my new drawing project has started! During 2019 I want to draw and animate one piece every single week and post it here on my blog.

Once October comes I might try and be even more ambitious and do an Inktober challenge of my own and post every single day… but we’ll see, as October is a long way away and my motivation levels may have dropped significantly by then!

This week’s drawing is a happy little piece that somehow only managed to take me around 2 and a half hours, and although I’m not quite convinced about how I drew Isabelle, I gave her my best shot. Maybe I’ll recreate this drawing next January and see how much my skills have improved!

I really hope you like this week’s drawing, and I’ll be back next week with piece #2 who I think is a character who’s on everybody’s dreamie list…

Indie xoxo

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Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Spires!

I can’t quite believe it; another year is over again! To celebrate the end of 2018, Mayor Leylandi of Peachtea went to visit Spires to bring in the new year with Mayor Indie. Both my towns have improved so much this year, it felt fitting for both my Mayors to celebrate together.

Enjoying the views!
The late night is getting to Mayor Leylandi…

With half an hour to go, they toured the town. Spires is really at its best all lit up at night, and with the festive countdown music playing it was a truly lovely moment taking in all the sights.

Isabelle always plans the best celebrations!

As the countdown approached with just 15 minutes left until midnight, it was time to head to the event plaza and enjoy the festivities there. Isabelle was waiting next to the countdown sign dressed in a snazzy suit!


Ribbot was experiencing some anxiety about entering the new year…

Even the villagers were excited for the countdown! Poor Ribbot though seemed to be anxious over how quickly the year had gone!

Julian was looking forward to 2019!

Julian was just his chill self like always, expressing his excitement for the new year. No regrets from this unicorn!

New hats!

Good ol’ Redd was there in his booth selling hats and party poppers! Leylandi and Indie had fun modelling the hats in a quick jaunt round town again to kill some time before the countdown started!


… Just one minute left! …






Celebratory party poppers were the perfect way to ring in the new year! 2019 will be such a good year, I can just feel it!


With the countdown over, it was time to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the fireworks together.

2019 is the year of Animal Crossing for switch, and I hope this new year brings you all the love, happiness and positivity you could ask for. Now 2018 is truly over, I’ll be counting down the days until the new game is released. I’m looking forward to sharing this exciting year with all of you here on my blog!

Did you enjoy the countdown celebrations in your town this year? Let me know in the comments below!

Indie xoxo

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Happy New Year!

It’s officially New Year’s Eve and I’m so happy to be entering the new year that I did a little animation to celebrate!

I hope you like my art work as much as I like making it. In 2019 I’m hopefully aiming to post a new animation every single week (and maybe once every day for Inktober! We’ll see).

I’m really excited to see how much this will improve my art skills, as I’ve only had my graphics tablet for a couple of months – it’s a Wacom Intuos if you’re wondering – and I’m getting better with every doodle I draw!

Bob was the first thing I drew on my graphics tablet!

Bob the cat was the very first thing that I drew when I got my tablet. It’s crazy (and embarrassing) to look back at my old artwork, but it’s wonderful to see how far I’ve come already.

A very distant goal in 2019 is for me to maybe release a set of stickers or pins based on my Animal Crossing drawings? I’d really love to be able to put my artwork into a physical thing and be able to share it with all you guys! Anyways, that will be a really long way off as my drawing skills still have a looooooooooong way to go yet.

Let me know what you think of my artwork, I’d really love to know! Do you think a set of pins would be a cool idea?

Indie xoxo

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Tortimer’s Floral Fancy Has Started!

Get your gardening hat on and get ready- Tortimer’s Floral Fancy event has started down at your Campsite!

Hey, sprout! Are you ready to help Tortimer?

Tortimer is here until January 7th, and he wants your help collecting ripplewing butterflies of various colours which appear on red, white and purple peonies planted during the event.

You can plant both purple and white peonies during the first half of the event

You’ll get a selection of zen-themed furniture and clothing as a reward for completing all of Tortimer’s tasks, as well as snowballs which are the currency of the Chilly Jamboree, which is the seasonal event ongoing right now.

The rewards from Tortimer’s Floral Fancy event are all zen-themed

The Floral Fancy Event is divided into two halves, with the first half running from now until 5.59 am on December 31st. You can plant white and purple peonies during the first half, with a chance to collect Plum ripplewings and Citrus wipplewing butterflies respectively from the peonies.

Well done, sprout! Indie looks proud of herself!

The second half of the event will start at 6am on December 31st, and you’ll still be able to plant purple and white peonies, but there’ll also be a new set of harder tasks that come with more peonies- red ones this time- to plant.

Add me if you want to trade butterflies!

Are you playing Tortimer’s event? Let me know in the comments below! If you want to trade ripplewings, my pocket camp ID is: , so just add me and let me know in a comment what you’ve sent and I’ll return the favour ASAP!

See you soon with an update!

Indie xoxo

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Happy Toy Day!

Happy Toy Day to all my readers! Have a fantastic festive season and enjoy Toy Day!

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Prepping for Toy Day

With Toy Day- and Christmas- fast approaching, I realised I hadn’t done any prep for the big day in Peachtea! Toy Day begins at 6PM on December 24th, so with just 3 days left I needed to get prepping ASAP!

I had to start by getting the full Santa outfit from the Able Sisters and Kicks: the Santa Hat, Santa Pants, Santa Jacket, Santa Boots and Santa Beard. Some of these I’d already saved from last year, so it wasn’t too hard to complete the outfit.

We’re all dressed up!

Today was also the Winter Solstice, which means that it was dark outside for the whole day! Even after all of these years with Peachtea, I still love how it looks all lit up at night.

All lit up!

With my Santa outfit sorted, I started to go round and talk to all of my villagers to see if they’d tell me what they wanted for Toy Day.


Getting all of the villagers requests doesn’t take too long!

I like to make a list on my phone to keep track of which villagers have told me what they’d like, and which ones I still need to talk to. Some of the requests were pretty vague; Lolly for instance just told me she was hoping for a piece of furniture off Jingle this year. I really hope I can work out which present is meant for which villager on the day!

Got my list sorted!

Are you all prepped for Toy Day? Let me know in the comments below!

Indie xoxo

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Fishing Tourney No.9

Wow, this week really is chock full of events! It’s officially only 5 sleeps to Christmas, and the newest Fishing Tourney is underway in Pocket Camp.


Until 5.59am on Boxing Day, you can catch three special fish- sweet shrimp, snow crabs and lobsters with a chance to get different trophies and win some snowmen for your campsite! The decorative snowmen include K.K Slider, Isabelle, Reese and also the Nookling brothers.

Some of the rewards you can get from the latest fishing tourney!

The extra special Nooklings snowman can be unlocked after you have won the gold fish trophy- it’s so adorable, I’m definitely going to be fishing extra hard to try and win it!

Win the special Nooklings snowman by getting the gold fish trophy!

As usual, you can use leaf tickets to either buy tourney fishing nets, or you can rent the golden rod which lets you catch two fish at once.

Are you taking part in the latest fishing tourney? Let me know in the comments below!

Indie xoxo

Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt #6 Update!

With only a couple of days left until the latest Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt ends, I thought I’d share with you some photos of Campsite Manager Indie showing off the Toy Day fashions you can get by participating in the event!

The red sweater dress paired with a halo and autumnal glasses from Goldie’s fortune cookie

The red sweater dress only needs 30 Gyroidites to craft and looks so cozy to wear! This is definitely one of my favourite outfits from this event.

The ugly Toy Day jumper with cargo pants, snow boots and a Toy Day fascinator

I personally ADORE Christmas jumpers, so having the chance to dress my character up in the ugly Toy Day jumper was perfect for me! The sweater just needs 50 Gyroidites to craft, and looks great paired with the Toy Day fascinator.


The festive-tree dress and the star hood is a very flashy combination!

And now for my personal favourite combination purely because of how flashy and garish it is… the festive-tree dress and the star hood! You’ll need a massive 200 Gyroidites to craft both of these items. Is it worth it? In my opinion, yes!

Campsite Manager Indie’s winter outfit

But what is my character wearing this winter? Campsite Manager Indie has been inspired by Fauna’s Toy Day fortune cookie and is wearing the snowy Toy Day cap from the cookie set, as well a fluffy dress and figure skater boots. Although these items aren’t from the Gyroidite hunt, I really like them and wanted to highlight them on my blog.

There’s still two days left to craft these Toy Day outfits if you haven’t already, so get collecting those Gyroidites! What do you think of these festive outfits? Let me know in the comments below!

Indie xoxo

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‘Tis the Season…

It’s nearly Toy Day and to celebrate, I thought I’d share with you my newest piece of animated artwork! It’s Jingle the Black-nosed Reindeer, the star of Christmas in Animal Crossing towns all across the world. He was really fun to draw, I’m so happy I decided to add in the snowflakes as they were a last minute addition, but I really think they just complete the look.

So what do you think? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

Happy Holidays,

Indie xoxo

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