My New Horizons Journal

I meant to post this earlier but anyways…. life (and worrying about the corona virus) gets in the way. I’ve been working on my New Horizons journal for the past two-ish weeks and I’m really proud of the results so far! I was super inspired by all of the creative people on Twitter sharing their own journals that I knew I had to give it a go and put my own spin on it.

Currently in my journal there is: a title page, ‘about my towns’ page where I share ideas about the islands such as naming ideas and theme ideas among others, a daily activity chart so I can track my play time, a double spread showing off the animals I’d love to have as my dreamies, and a page showing off the passport and boarding card I made on I also left space to do some journalling on Thursday to document the last few hours before the game launches!

I used a load of scrapbooking supplies I had left over- I’m an avid crafter and there’s always some supplies spare for a new project or two. I mainly used washi tape, a good old fashioned biro pen, and stickers from the Animal Crossing Sticker Book that I got from Amazon last year.

So without further ado, here’s the closeups from my journal! I really hope you like them and that they inspire you to try and make your own to track your AC:NH progress!

Front page

All about my towns
Activity tracker

Passport and Boarding Pass

My Dreamies

Some journaling space for the count down!

In the future I’ll be adding screenshots of my town map, the town flag and town tune, as well as pictures of my character’s outfits! Oooh, and my starting villagers and native fruit. This way I can look back in a year or so’s time and compare how my island has grown. I’ll also be writing down the furniture/PWP-type objects I’d like to craft and kind of start to draw some little sketches of how I’d like to terraform.

Don’t forget though, if you are looking to start journalling and are intimidated by all the examples out there- all you need is a notebook and a pen! Don’t worry about spending on loads of supplies, I literally just used what I had laying around from other projects. Do what feels natural to you and don’t let your feelings of what other people think get in the way of creating something beautiful. I can guarantee you that your project will be absolutely fantastic no matter what.

As always, I’ll see you soon!

Indie x

Nowhere’s backstory

With the release of New Horizons only two days away (not that I’m counting down the minutes or anything…) I thought I’d make a post detailing the backstory I’ve written for the Island of Nowhere and how resident Indie came to arrive there. So without further ado, here’s the story of an enchanted island somewhere way out in the ocean…

The mysterious island of Nowhere is a… peculiar place. Residents that end up on the island have no recollection of how they arrived, and have no memories of their life before. Rumour has it that if you listen closely at dusk on rainy days you can hear the spirits whispering… almost as if they’re calling out to you.

Although residents have forgotten why they came to Nowhere, they somehow know their purpose- to restore the island to its former glory. Slowly, they replant the bamboo groves and plant the seeds of the wildflower meadows. The mysterious shrine is restored.

Sure enough, after a while, the island starts to return to its magical state. The villagers plan to open a bath house, shops and a tea house to make this strange island feel like home. And what of the mysterious whispering spirits? Maybe you should visit Nowhere on a rainy evening and if you’re very lucky you’ll hear them whispering to you…

And what about Indie, the lone human resident of Nowhere? Read on for her story…

Along with a rag-tag bunch of animals, Indie arrived on Nowhere with no idea how she got there. She couldn’t remember any details of her life up until the point where she stepped off the plane, in fact, she couldn’t even recall which airport she’d flown in from. The only thing she knew was her name, Indie. Upon speaking to her animal companions, she discovered they were experiencing the same thing as she was. All they remembered was stepping off the Dodo Airlines flight and before that… nothing.

The island was spookily quiet. With no way to get home, (where was home, anyway? They couldn’t remember,) all they could do was put up their tents, light a fire, and make plans to start making this barren island feel like home. Now, if only they could figure out where these mysterious voices were calling from once the sun went down…

Petition For Nintendo To Introduce Cloud Saving For New Horizons

It’s only been 9 days since Nintendo revealed an official trailer and game play footage for the newest mainline Animal Crossing game at E3, and fans have already started a petition to get Nintendo to change their minds on an issue that has players very concerned.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the latest mainline game in the Animal Crossing series since New Leaf

The producer for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Higashi Nogami, released in an interview with French site Gamekult that New Horizons would not be compatible with the cloud saving service that comes with a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

We translated that article from French to English; it’s linked here, and contains loads of new information about the game including amiibo compatibility, K.K Slider music, and more.

“New Horizons will not be compatible with cloud backups to avoid manipulating time, which remains one of the founding concepts of the series.”

Apparent concerns over players’ use of manipulating saves to cheat has lead to the developers deciding to not offer the cloud saving service. The Nintendo Switch console saves data to the console itself, so if something happened to your Switch- if it was lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair- that would mean that your Animal Crossing: New Horizons data could be lost forever.

Cloud saving is a feature provided by the Nintendo Switch Online service, however Nintendo announced they planned to not offer cloud backup to New Horizons players

The option to backup data to Nintendo’s cloud would give players the security of knowing that if something terrible were to happen to their Switch, they would still be able to salvage their data. Having put literally hundreds upon hundreds of hours into past Animal Crossing games and feeling the pain of losing a town due to data corruption, I understand that players are anxious with the possibility of losing their islands. As such, a petition has been launched on to ask Nintendo to change their stance on allowing players to backup their save data.

>>Here’s the link to the petition if you want to check it out or sign it yourself.<<

At the time of writing, the petition already has had 241 people sign it. Hopefully with enough signatures, Nintendo will see that players do want the option to backup their files without using cloud saves for cheating.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

French Article Reveals New Exciting Information About New Horizons

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Why The Delay Is A Good Thing

With Animal Crossing: New Horizon coming out next year, I just wanted to talk a little bit about why delaying the release date is actually a good thing for both Nintendo and us, the hardcore fans.

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Week #6 Drawing: ‘To Boldly Go’

For absolutely ages now I’ve been wanting to draw Gulliver in his astronaut outfit from City Folk. I love how he gets a new role as the series goes on- I wonder if he’ll still be a sailor in Animal Crossing for Switch, or if he’ll be something new?

This week’s drawing isn’t animated- I tried to make the background move with some twinkling stars- but it just seemed to detract from the overall picture so I left Gulliver as a still image instead. I think this is actually my favourite drawing I’ve done for this series so far!

What do you think? Please let me know!

Indie xoxo

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Pelly’s Flight of Passion has started!

It’s the last day of January and that means a new event has started in Pocket Camp! Pelly’s Flight of Passion is a gardening challenge, and is the first event of the Candy Cluster Muster seasonal event.

Pelly is having some trouble getting enough confidence to ask a very special Pelican, Pete, out on a date. She needs your help to make her Valentine’s Day dreams come true!

One down… a lot to go….

Pelly’s gardening challenge will run until 11/2/2019 at 5.59am GMT, and will see you collecting heartbeatles from different coloured bleeding heart flowers.

Better start collecting those heartbeatles!

Collect enough heartbeatles and you’ll net yourself some fancy confection-themed rewards like the sweetheart sink, berry tart and the confectioners apron.

Some of the rewards you can get during this gardening event!

The first half of the event is now on, so get catching the lemon and cherry heartbeatles while you can! The second half starts on February 3rd, when you’ll have the chance to grow maroon bleeding hearts to get raspberry and apricot heartbeatles for a whole new set of rewards.

You also have a chance to earn superstar sweets, the collectable item used for goals during the Cluster Muster seasonal event.

Are you taking part in this newest gardening event? Let me know in the comments below!

Indie xoxo

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Week #5 Drawing: ‘Puppy Love’

In only a few days it’ll be February! I can’t quite believe it- Christmas Day just seems like it was yesterday! With Valentines Day coming up, it felt fitting to draw lovely Isabelle dreaming of her crush, K.K. Slider.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

Indie xoxo

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I got the Animal Crossing Ski Suit!

Ever since the latest fishing tourney started, I’d been obsessing over getting the Animal Crossing ski suit! Today, with only two days till the end of the tourney, I managed to do it!

I’m in love with this outfit, okay?!

For anyone that’s not taking part in the latest fishing tourney, the above image shows the ski suit. Hopefully you all agree that it’s the best item ever and share my excitement that I finally got it!

I finally did it, it only took 5 days…

To unlock the suit, players needed to catch fish that met a combined size goal of 9,000cm to achieve the golden fish trophy, and then keep catching fish past that point until they unlocked the ski suit. As of right now, my combined size total is 10,028.9- not bad considering I didn’t get the golden rod!

How I styled the ski suit… with my matching camper!

So far I’ve styled the ski suit by pairing it with a green pom-pom knit hat, and pink hair to brighten up the outfit. Last but not least, I made sure my camper was changed to the matching Animal Crossing print pattern for the ultimate style accessory!

So what do you think? Am I unreasonably happy over this ski suit? Let me know in the comments below!

Indie xoxo

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Bangle’s Animal Print Showcase

A new series begins today on my blog! I’ve recently gotten back into playing Happy Home Designer, so I’ve decided to post about a new house design every single Saturday! I’ve always been pretty poor at interior design in the Animal Crossing games, as town landscaping is more my thing. I can spend hours and hours designing a town and not get bored, but after trying to redecorate my Mayor’s house for 5 minutes… I usually give up.

I wanted to change that in 2019 by designing at least one house every week on AC:HHD so I can learn to appreciate interior decorating in time for Animal Crossing for Switch- and also to try and get my money’s worth out of Happy Home Designer, as I haven’t played it very much since buying it a couple years ago.

Bangle wanted a house to showcase her love for animal prints!

My first project for the new series was to make a ‘Animal Print Showcase’ for Bangle the tiger. I thought this would be a fun, brightly coloured challenge that would keep me interested- and I was right!

Here are the before shots of Bangle’s house. As you can see, the land was really bare, and the interior needed some serious work to get it up to Bangle’s standards! The three essential items she wanted me to include were a sewing machine, a leopard tee and a tiger tee. The idea I had in mind for this house was a classy, upmarket shop (think GracieGrace) selling loads of animal print items, with a cosy little sewing corner for Bangle to create her newest fashion looks.

I love how jazzy this room turned out!

A leopard-themed display

I began by changing the wallpaper to a pawprint wall, and the flooring to the fancy tiled floor, then hanging several different animal print shirts on the walls too, as well as adding in security cameras. I put in display cases too with some fancy items (and more animal print, that goes without saying!) and added some podiums around the shop to put all the emphasis on the items for sale. I tried to sort the items by animal, with a cow-themed display on the left, and a leopard print display on the right.

Bangle’s cosy sewing corner!

Over in the far corner I then added Bangle’s sewing corner. I really like how it turned out with the addition of the loom! I was worried I’d messed up by not making the house have two rooms- one for the shop floor and another for sewing the clothes, but I think having the one larger room divided into two works just as well.

I think she liked how the interior turned out!

I thought that the shop just needed some final touches, so I added in some tiger striped curtains, a yellow bunny balloon and a tiger themed rug as well, and I was done! Now just the outside to revamp…

I was surprised that I managed to finish so quickly, too!

I wanted a sleek, modern exterior for Bangle so I used the modern house with an orange door and roof, a lemon tree, a stump and some sweet olive bushes to decorate. I used a simple tile I made myself to create a pathway up to the house, and I made a sign to place by the gate on an easel that was meant to look like a shop sign!

Bangle looks right at home in front of her modern mansion!

So what do you think of my first Happy Home Designer post? Please let me know, I’d love to hear your feedback. Thanks for reading! There’ll be more AC:HHD again next Saturday!

Indie xoxo

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